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Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS)

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Young RC, Biggs JT, Ziegler VE, Meyer DA. A rating scale for mania: reliability, validity and sensitivity. Br J Psychiatry. 1978;133:429-435.

Appropriate for: Assessment/severity of mania (most appropriate for bipolar 1 disorder)
Administered by: Trained clinician
Time to complete: 15-30 minutes

Summary of Young Mania Rating Scale:
The YMRS is an 11-item instrument used to assess the severity of mania in patients with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The 11 items are: Elevated Mood, Increased Motor Activity Energy, Sexual Interest, Sleep, Irritability, Speech (Rate and Amount), Language - Thought Disorder, Content, Disruptive - Aggressive Behaviour, Appearance and Insight.

YMRS features operationally-defined anchor points and the normal expected score is >=20.

Ratings are based on patient self-reporting, combined with clinician observation (accorded greater score).

Benefits of Young Mania Rating Scale:

  • Reliability - YMRS is a reliable and commonly used assessment tool of proven validity, which has been used in clinical practice since 1978.
  • Practicality of assessment - The items included in YMRS were carefully selected to reflect the core symptoms of the manic phase of bipolar disorder, as described in the literature.
  • Ease and simplicity - The YMRS is a comparatively simple and short instrument.

Challenges of Young Mania Rating Scale:

  • Limitation - YMRS does not assess depressed mood.
  • Subjectivity - Partly based on patient self-reporting at a time when thought may be highly disordered, which may decrease the reliability of the assessment.
  • 4 items on YMRS have double-rating - This can lead to questions of reliability. The four items in question are: irritability, speech, content and disruptive-aggressive behaviour.


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